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Well Drilling in Long Island, New York

Water Pump and Motor — Well Pump Services in Copiague, NY


In the field of HVAC there are new break trough's that make heating and cooling cost effective. Installing heat pumps for heating or cooling is the most cost effective way to go. Here at Complete Well & Pump we install supply and return wells for these systems. The supply well has a pump installed in it to supply your unit with water and the return well puts the water back into the ground so there is no waste of water.
Irrigation Well — Well Pump Services in Copiague, NY

Irrigation Wells

An irrigation well to run your irrigation system will save you time and money. You won't have to worry about the city telling you when to water your lawn during dry hot summers. With an irrigation well you will have more pressure than you would from you your city water allowing you to run bigger or multiple zones at any given time. Having more pressure will increase your coverage from your sprinkler heads and won't have the browning of the lawn from the sprinkler heads not over lapping.
Water Pump and Pipes — Well Pump Services in Copiague, NY

Drinking Water

At Complete Well & Pump water quality is very important when supplying drinking water. We know how important it is to have clean water in your home or office and take all steps possible to provide you with clean contaminate free water.