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Pumps and Tanks in Long Island, New York

Control Panel of gas boiler — Water Repair in Copiague, NY

Installation And Trouble Shooting Of VFD's

Variable Frequency Drives or VFD's is simply a computer that runs your well pump. They control the rpm of the pump according to the amount of water being demanded from your application. They save space and help extend the life of your pump. We can install them in your home or in your business. We trouble shoot, program and install VFD's for all well pumps.
Water Pump — Water Repair in Copiague, NY

Pumps and Tanks

We install submersible pumps and also hollow shaft turbine pumps. We offer all major brands of pumps and motors. We install Grundfos 100% stainless steel pumps and motors along with Goulds pumps and motors and Franklin submersible motors. Turbine assemblies are installed and maintained for any application. We have in stock the usual parts that wear out. We service electric turbine motors along with angle drives. With all submersible pump applications an expansion tank is needed to run the pump properly. We install bladder tanks and large diameter steel tanks above or buried ASME approved tanks. All plumbing can be done by us there is no need to have and go find a plumber because Complete Well & Pump are Suffolk County Master Plumbers, license number 2642-MP.
Clean Water — Water Repair in Copiague, NY

Video Inspection and logging of water wells

When your well goes bad and starts pumping sand or you need to inspect your well we can do it. We can video camera your well to inspect the well casing or look for a whole that is allowing sand to come into your well. Logging of the well is good to do when installing a new one. We can tell how “alive” the formation is and can pin point the best formation to supply the most water. For professional and affordable well drilling you can count on, choose Complete Well & Pump in Copiague, New York.